Woodbridge Academy was established in 2020 as a Christian, private online school in Newport Beach, California, USA. 

Woodbridge Academy is registered with the California Education Department with the CDS number 30 66597 6138267.

Woodbridge Academy is accredited by the Western Association of Schools and CollegesWASCIts transcripts and diplomas are valid in other countries by the Hague Apostille, issued by the California Secretary of State. 

Woodbridge Academy is a subsidiary of Instituto Superior de Educación Abierta -ISEA- located in Guatemala, Central America. ISEA is also accredited by Cognia


All High School graduates at Woodbridge Academy, must satisfy the A to G requirements of the University of California System and if English is not their first language, before graduating must pass the TOEFL test or similar. 


Our methodology is relatively simple. Once you enroll at Woodbridge Academy, you will receive an email asking you to create your student user in our LMS, Canvas or Schoology, depending on your enrolled grade and academic year. 

Inside the LMS, you will find all content to study, delivered in English or Spanish. You study the content and submit assignments or quizzes. For students enrolled in grades seven and below, it is recommended that parents or guardians help the students.   Each week, you will need to send in assignments to be graded by your teachers. 

Two curriculum options

We offer two curricular options:

  • Online. All content is delivered through our LMS. You will not need to buy textbooks, but this method is more time-consuming since students must cover the content and research before submitting assessments or assignments. We use content platforms like BrainPOP, Study.com, and Education.com; all of these platforms have mostly English content, and BrainPOP offers its content in English, Spanish, and French. 
  • eBooks. These ebooks are delivered in PDF format; there is only English content. You may purchase the eBooks directly from Spectrum´s webpage. You must submit a study plan to your teacher if you use these eBooks. Please contact your teacher if you have any other books or eBooks and wish to use them. We usually allow using foreign texts provided you submit your study plan. Grades 9 and above can not use this method; you must cover all content in the LMS to meet the A to G  requirements. 

4 Units, 32 weeks.

Our school year is divided into four units of eight weeks each, covering 32 weeks. Students are expected to work 4 to 5 hours each day from Monday to Friday. This time can be lowered depending on the student´s competency.  

Students who work harder can finish their grades in less time, while those with other priorities or needs can have more time. It depends on each individual. 

Assessments for every subject will be submitted at the end of each unit. Some elective subjects are available, but it is up to the student or parents to choose them. In High School, the student has to choose two electives out of four possible. 

Once a week, teachers have a group conference, and the video is uploaded to the LMS so other students who did not attend can view it later. These conferences are optional but very helpful. 

If students feel that they are prepared to advance units, they can ask their teachers to let them submit assessments earlier. If the student passes those tests, they can pass on to the next unit and finish earlier. If any student finishes a grade and wants to enroll in the following class, they must pay tuition for that grade again. You do not need to pay for enrollment a second time. 

An open-minded school

Woodbridge Academy uses the following Curriculum Maps:  Preschool, Elementary, Middle & High School

The student must obtain at least 70% of the assigned points to pass any course or subject.  If the grade is not met, the student will be given at least three more opportunities or will need to take that subject again. 

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